Digital laminating film, delivered fast.

Film problems cost you time and money. Our laminating films are guaranteed to work on your machine and stick to your print and when you run out, replacement rolls can be with you within 48 hours.

Digital laminating film

Our laminating film for digital print is tested on some of the worlds biggest brands.

Digital Pro Lite

A thin, economical film that can be creased and folded. Made for professional trade printers who use. Rolls are available in long lengths for less changeovers and machine downtime. Suitable for all print types that contain images and solid colours to bleed.

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✔ Thinner, less noticeable film
✔ Allows creasing and folding
✔ 1000, 1200, 2400 and 3000m lengths (not all finishes available in all lengths)
✔ 315, 440 and 445mm widths
✔ 77mm core only
✔ Gloss, Matte and Velvet finishes


✔ Film sticks to any digital print
✔ Thin film creates no rippling or cracking along edges when creasing or folding (ideal for menus, covers, booklets, tent cards)
✔ Longer, high capacity rolls for less changeovers and minimal downtime
✔ Seals & protects print for up to 3 years indoors

Digital laminating film finishes.

A choice of cosmetic film finishes to perfectly complement your style.


Creates a reflective coating that makes colours vibrant and eye-catching. Choose gloss when you want a super-smooth surface to your print.


Creates a silkier appearance free from shine. Choose matte when you want a light absorbent surface with more understated colours and a soft premium feel.


The ultimate in luxury, this rich velvet finish creates a super soft texture and is ideal for using on print that needs to communicate a premium image.

Why choose our digital laminating films?

A range of lamination films designed specifically to stick to digital print; giving you peace of mind that your lamination will work when you need it to.

Less adhesion problems

Toner receptive inks can create adhesion problems that’s why we thoroughly test all our laminating film to ensure it sticks to digital print first time, every time.

More economic

For those bigger jobs longer our 3000m roll lengths mean you can easily complete the job in one pass without fiddly roll changes which means you can get the job done quicker.

Easier changeovers

Faster, less cumbersome roll changes make life easier, that’s why our range comes in smaller and lighter 1000m lengths so you can turn around smaller, quicker jobs with less hassle.

Less wastage

Keeping film waste to a minimum increases profitability. That’s why we offer custom roll widths on all our laminating film so you can buy only what you need.

Free returns

Try our film on your machine and if it’s not suitable for whatever reason you can send it back, free of charge. See our Returns Policy for full details.

Digital film delivered in 48 hours.

We know you need film fast so we promise to get it to you within 48 hours if you order before 3pm.

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