Print is beautiful. We keep it that way.

From restaurant menus to in-store browsers, our encapsulation protects print from damage, so it looks better and lasts longer wherever it ends up.

Encapsulation protects every type of print

From airlines to concerts, encapsulation protects and enhances every type of print.

Aircraft Safety Cards

Protect from heavy handling and damage for when print simply cannot fail.

Company Manuals

Heavy-duty wiro-bound reference manuals, especially useful in wet environments like kitchens.

Cribb Cards

Cards with binding screw – great for quick and easy access to reference information.

Trade Presenters

Product information for busy sales teams when print has to be kept looking good.

Product Cards

Easy-to-clean product store cards with eyelet and lanyard for easy attachment.

Restaurant Menus

Durable and hygienic, folded restaurant menus with easy wipe-clean surface.


Large format round corner posters with optional dry-wipe surface for easy annotation and reuse.

Hygiene Signs

Water resistant and wipe-clean hygiene signs for bathrooms and kitchens.

Health & Safety

Tough and durable health and safety posters that keep print legible in important situations.

Architect Plans

Wide format Architect plans with protective wipe-clean coating for easy notation.

Outdoor Ads

Weatherpoof and durable outdoor ads with drilled mounting points for easy installation.

Event Passes

Credit-card thickness premium VIP passes with slot and lanyard.

Choose your level of protection

From A8 to A0 we offer a range of different encapsulation depending on the type of print and its use. All our films prolong the life of your print while at the same time enhancing its look and feel.

Encap Pro ‘Intensify’ (42 micron)

Min. paper weight 200gsm

Our lightest film seals and enhances the vibrancy of colours. An ultra-thin film that maintains the flexibility of print when creasing or folding but with a protective barrier that can protect print for up to 3 years.

Encap Pro ‘Protect’ (75 micron)

Min. paper weight 200gsm

Our lightweight film protects and strengthens print by increasing its rigidity while still allowing creasing and folding. Create print that is stronger and doesn’t ‘dog ear’ while also providing advanced protection for up to 5 years.

Encap Pro ‘Shield’ (125 micron)

Min. paper weight 150gsm

Our most popular encapsulation creates hard-wearing print that is shielded from almost any type of damage. Use this to create robust print that is protected for up to 10 years in wet or busy environments.

Encap Pro ‘Fortify’ (250 micron)

Min. paper weight 150gsm

Our heaviest encapsulation film (similar to credit card thickness) makes print rigid and impenetrable, even underwater. Use this to create ‘bullet-proof’ print that can survive anywhere for up to 20 years.

Get our full encapsulation specifications, guidelines prices and all our finishing options in our encapsulation catalogue.

Finishes to suit your style.

Encapsulation doesn’t just protect your print; it also makes it look and feel better with a choice of finishes. Now your print is free to thrive, not just survive.


Creates a reflective coating that makes colours vibrant and eye-catching. Choose gloss when you want a super-smooth surface to your encapsulated print.


Creates a silkier appearance free from shine. Choose matte when you want a light absorbent surface with more understated colours and a soft premium feel.

Ultra Matte

The ultimate luxury finish, ultra matte is designed for print that needs to convey a premium message and have the softest texture and appearance.

See and touch the different weights and finishes of encapsulation in our encapsulation sample pack.

With or without borders. The choice is yours.

Encapsulation traditionally had borders but with today’s technology it doesn’t. You can still protect the print underneath from moisture and damage even when trimmed to the edge.

Why choose Express for encapsulation?

Our print encapsulation service is designed to add value to print for commercial printers, print shops, design agencies or brands.

24 hour service

We guarantee to encapsulate your print in 24 hours or despatch your film within 48 hours so you can stay ahead of the competition.

Free delivery

Spend over £250 and delivery is free. Spend over £500 and we’ll and reimburse your courier costs sending your print to us.

Order update

No more chasing jobs. Know exactly what stage your job is at and when it will be delivered with our automated email update system.

1 hour quotes

Quoting a job takes up valuable time. We make quoting encapsulation quick and easy with our online quote form.

A finished sample of your print for sign-off.

Knowing exactly what your print will look and feel like after encapsulation is difficult. Send us a sample of your print and we’ll encapsulate it in your choice of film finish and film weight.

Complementary encapsulation services.

See our range of services designed to perfectly complement our encapsulation service. 

Print Services

Delivering your print for encapsulation takes up precious time. Simply transfer your artwork to us and we’ll get it printed fast and competitively priced so you don’t have to worry about it.

Print Finishing

Encapsulation has many different uses, from bound brochures to eyeletted ‘cribb’ cards our range of finishing services mean from artwork to delivery everything can be completed under one roof.

Protect your print, so it looks great anywhere. Talk to us.

If you want to protect your print and increase your profit margins by selling encapsulation as part of your print service, talk to us.

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