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Eco-friendly, yet indestructible.

Ironleaf is an alternative to encapsulation. It’s a synthetic paper that is printable, tear-proof, waterproof and recyclable, so it won’t damage the planet.

Print made for tough situations

Keep your heavily-handled print looking good for up to 3 years, no matter how many hands touch it or how dirty it gets.

Weather-proof plant labels

Ironleaf is perfect for print that gets wet and dirty like plant labels. We can print your own plant labels with your branding.

Tear-proof eco door hangers

These super tough and durable door hangers are the ideal choice for eco conscious hotels and hospitality venues.

eco print colourful door hangers

Tear-proof race numbers

Tested up to x tensile strength, the material won’t give up when you need it most, perfect for print that’s put through its paces.

Spill-resistant menus

The material repels food, water and even sticky hands! Keeping restaurant menus clean and presentable is now a piece of cake.

Busy kitchen charts

Wet and busy kitchens can keep their allergen charts, wash hands signs and food safety posters crystal clean, no matter how hot and steamy it gets in the kitchen.

Moisture-resistant signage

Hot and damp swimming pool environments can damage normal print but with Ironleaf the print stays crystal clear.

Underwater logbooks

Ironleaf is waterproof and perfect for print that needs to work underwater such as with diver logbooks and in the maritime industry.

Storm-proof cribb cards

Made for when print absolutely must not fail, you can rely on Ironleaf to be there when you need it most.

All-weather planning applications

Come rain or shine, councils have to notify local residents about planning applications, Ironleaf does the job perfectly.

Ready to start printing with Ironleaf?

Create indestructible and waterproof print that doesn’t damage the planet.

Ironleaf features

Built to last up to 3 years indoors and 12 months outside, Ironleaf is thin yet durable in any situation.


Made from coated polyester the material does not contain harmful chemicals often found in film adhesives.


Unbelievably tough and durable the film can’t be torn making it the ideal for important print that needs to stay intact.


The coated polyester material is recyclable in specialist facilities which convert it into flakes and produce packaging such as fruit trays from it.


The special surface coating absorbs printer ink but repels water, making it fully submersible without fear of smudging.


Polyester can spring back open when folded but Ironleaf Flex doesn’t, making it ideal for folded print like menus, tent cards and brochures.


The plastic material can be quickly wiped down with antibacterial sprays without destroying the print.

The Recycling Journey

Watch how plastic paper is recycled into in garden furniture, plant pots and automobile parts. 

The Ironleaf range

Find the right paper specification for your print job.

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Thin 145

Our thinnest option designed for print that needs to be kept ultra sleek. Roughly equivalent to 75 mic encapsulation to both sides, which is about the same thickness as premium photo paper.

Download Spec Sheet 

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Pro 275

Our Pro option is designed for print that needs to stay robust in any circumstances. Roughly equivalent to 125 mic encapsulation to both sides which is about the same thickness as card.

Download Spec Sheet 

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Tough 350

Our heaviest option is designed for creating print that is super rigid. It is equivalent to encapsulation between 125 and 250 mic to both sides which is slightly thinner than a thin credit card.

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Meet Ironleaf Flex

Made for print that is creased and folded. It has all the toughness of IronLeaf, but with the flexibility of paper.

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Flex 200

Specially designed to be creased and folded without springing back open. Ironleaf Flex thickness is comparable 75 mic encapsulation to both sides, about the same thickness as premium photo paper.

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Ready to start printing with Ironleaf?

Want to print yourself?

Buy SRA3 sheets that you can print yourself on digital and litho presses. Create your own indestructible and waterproof print that doesn’t damage the planet.

Ironleaf finishing options

From round corners to die-cut sheets, we offer a range of different finishing options depending on the type of print and its use. All our finishing services use quality materials and are expertly managed by our in-house finishing team.

Round Corners

Used for safety, protection or aesthetics. Choose from 1/8” (3.18mm) or 1/4” (6.35mm) radius.


Used for D-Ring catalogues or ID badges requiring lanyards. Choose from 5mm, 6mm, 7mm, 8mm, 9mm.


We can punch any number of slots to accommodate mounts. Size is 3mm tall by 14mm wide.

Explore all our finishing options on our finishing page

Resources for print companies

See if Ironleaf is compatible with your press, order test sheets to try it out and download resources to help sell Ironleaf to your customers.

Compatibility Checker

Check to see if Ironleaf is compatible with your printer in our compatibility table.

Test Sheets

Order SRA3 test sheets if your printer is not listed or is untested

Sales Presenter

Download our free pdf to help you sell the benefits of Ironleaf to your customers.

Protected print that is also kind to the planet 🌏

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