Print services that complement our encapsulation.

Matching the right type of print with encapsulation can be difficult. Our print services guarantees you compatibility with our encapsulation and saves you the hassle of printing yourself then shipping to us. 

Stress-free print is just a click away

Get competitive print services delivered fast and guaranteed to work flawlessly with our encapsulation.

Perfect encapsulated print

Marrying the right print and encapsulation can be tricky. We have over 30 years of experience selecting which combination works best for each job.

Competitive pricing

Our range of local commercial printers provide us with all the buying power and the expertise needed to get competitive print costs back quickly, so you’re not left hanging around.

White label delivery

We can deliver your print directly from our warehouse to multiple locations in plain packaging, helping you to save precious turnaround time for your client.

1000's of finishing options

Don’t waste time sending your print job to another finishing house, our in-house team can complete your print job with many of the common finishing options you would expect.

Every type of print, covered.

Our local commercial printers provide us with a range of capabilities suitable for every type of print job. From short-run bespoke digital printing, to millions of bound catalogues, we’ve developed strong relationships over decades. This allows us to successfully match different types of encapsulation to the different print presses in order to achieve the best quality.

Why use our print services?

We make printing and encapsulating quick and easy with our fast quotes, easy artwork upload, pdf proofing and convenient order updates.

Artwork upload

Simply use our artwork delivery service and our dedicated internet means we can quickly download your artwork and prepare it for print.

Easy proofing

All print is proofed via PDF for a faster service. If you require a printed proof no problem, just ask for details.

Order updates

No more chasing jobs. Know exactly what stage your job is at and when it will be delivered with our automated email update system.

Fast quotes

Quoting a job takes up valuable time. We make quoting your job quick and easy with our quote tool.

Complementary services

Our finishing and print encapsulation services are all completed in house, so you get beautiful, film-sealed print at competitive prices in just 24 hours.

Print Finishing

We offer a range of in-house finishing services to perfectly complement your encapsulated print. From round cornering,  to wire binding, we can complete your finishing in 24 hours.

Print Encapsulation

From A8 to A0 we offer a range of different encapsulation depending on the type of print and its use. All our films prolong the life of your print while at the same time enhancing its look and feel.

Easy print services for busy printers using encapsulation.

Take the stress out of encapsulated print jobs and let Express handle the print and encapsulation for you.

Got a question? Contact the sales team on:

01179 414 999