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Now you can increase the appeal of your venue, drive brand awareness and even create additional revenue by using Express Wearable Media.

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Make your venue more appealing and create seamlessly-run events.

Make your venue standout

Provide guests with a unique piece of event collateral and differentiate yourself from competitors so you are remembered.

Improve guest experiences

Make key event information available to your guests instantly and stop late arrivals and lost delegates.

Create additional revenue

Easily advertise other hospitality services and events to existing customers when they are most receptive.


Discover at a glance the in’s and out’s of Express Wearable Media

What is it?

High-quality, double-sided, durable encapsulated cards that fit together using a lanyard and are worn around the neck, enabling the wearer to have instant access to important information when attending events, shows and meetings.

Who is it for?

Hospitality Managers at UK venues who want to promote events and attract and retain more hospitality customers in order to maximise their venue’s capacity and revenue potential.

Unlimited uses

Cards can designed for any purpose depending on your business or venue objective. Cards are versatile, durable, waterproof, eye-catching and start from, as little as 26p per card!

Fully customisable

Design a bespoke shape to match your brand, change the card size or even change the feel of the cards by having a reflective gloss or premium matte finish. Complete the look with your own branded lanyards.

Use the pop-up form on this page to download your catalogue