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Printable PVC Banner

For use with HP Latex, UV, Eco-Solvent and Solvent based inkjet inks

Rock Solid Images

Printable banner film comes with solid grey backing to minimise light transference and has built in lay-flat and anti-curl properties.

No need to over-laminate

Print-On PVC has enhanced durability and anti-scratch properties so no need to apply additional protection layers - saving you time and money.

Printable PVC Banner Film Sizes & Finishes


PVC with lay-flat and anti-curl properties suitable for direct printing with HP Latex, UV, Eco-Solvent and Solvent Based inkjet inks for both indoor and outdoor environments.

Matrix of sizes for printable laminating film

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Bespoke jobs can dictate a need for custom widths and lengths, so why not tell us exactly what works for you and we will cost your precise requirement.

Say goodbye to curled edges

Integral properties ensuring a smooth flat surface with no curling along the edges.

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High Performance whatever the environment

Printable film accommodates the heaviest of ink coverages without compromising durability or lay-flat qualities.


For other solutions plus lamination and encapsulation film for leaflets, brochures and passes, see the rest of our range.

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