Find answers to our most commonly asked questions.


How much does encapsulation cost?

Each job is unique so each quote will be unique. Our encapsulation starts at around £60 for 100 A4 sheets using Encap Pro ‘Protect’ 75 micron gloss.

How quickly can I get a quote?

Our sales team is available to quote within the hour for straightforward jobs via our website LiveChat service or our quote page. Usually this constitutes jobs up to 5,000 A4 sheets or equivalent with simple finishing like round cornering. For more complex jobs we will quote you within a few hours. If the job is particularly complicated, we may give you a call back to discuss the requirements in further detail.

How quickly from approval will I get my encapsulation?

It all depends on the size and nature of the job, but we aim to complete approved jobs of 5,000 A4 sheets or less within 24 hours*. Complex or larger jobs will have an agreed timeframe discussed at quotation stage. *Applies to 75mic or 125mic Gloss. Min 200gsm paper stock. Common image only. Job must be booked in and printed sheets delivered to us before 10am.


Do you have a Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)?

We don’t have a minimum order quantity for encapsulation, but our minimum order charge is £20 + VAT.

What’s your maximum run number?

We regularly encapsulate runs of one million+ sheets, so the sky’s the limit.

When will my job be ready?

We’ll send you a maximum of three emails throughout the production of your job to let you know what stage it’s at, so you’re not left wondering what’s happening.

Do you offer a while you wait, or same day service?

Yes absolutely. Here are our typical production times for drop in orders, although during busy periods please expect to wait longer.

Posters up to A0 – 20 to 30 mins
1 to 5 A4 sheets – 10 minutes
6 to 20 A4 sheets – 1 hour (depending on how busy we are)
21+ A4 sheets – please book in with our sales team via sales@expressencap.co.uk


Can you collect my print for encapsulation?

If you spend over £500 on encapsulation we will reimburse your courier charges getting your print to us (up to the value of £50). Just email your courier invoice to sales@expressencap.co.uk along with your cost estimate number and we’ll reimburse you.

Can you deliver to my customer in plain packaging?

Yes, absolutely. We can also include your delivery note if you email it to us.

Do you offer free delivery?

If you spend over £250 on encapsulation or film, the cost of delivery is on us*.
*Excludes pallet delivery. Additional charges may apply if the cost of delivery exceeds £50.

How much is delivery?

Next day couriers cost £12 + vat but we offer free delivery when you spend over £250. Additional charges apply to non-UK mainland addresses.

How fast is delivery?

We use a DPD Next Day service which states ‘by the end of the next business day’.

Which couriers do you use?

We partner with DPD for standard box delivery and Palletforce for pallet delivery.

Do you offer tracking?

All our non-pallet deliveries are dispatched DPD with full tracking and delivery windows via text or email. Once the job leaves our warehouse you will receive an email from DPD with your tracking details. For pallet deliveries we are able to obtain Proof Of Delivery (PoD) immediately after your job has been delivered, however unlike DPD this cannot be tracked online.

Can I collect if I’m nearby? Can you load into my vehicle?

You can collect your job from our production facility at Unit 12 Ashley Trading Estate, Bristol BS2 9XS. Our warehouse team will be happy to assist you and have forklift and trolley jacks available to assist loading if you have a particularly large or heavy order.

How do I request a return?

Please check our Returns Policy for the eligibility criteria. Please then complete our Returns Form to start the returns process. We will process your returns request and email you a returns label. Returns are processed by DPD and need to be dropped into your nearest DPD drop off Point


What size can you encapsulate?

We can encapsulate any sheet size from A8 (52 x 74 mm) to A0 (841 x 1188 mm).

How long does encapsulation take?

Depending on the size of the job, it can take 10 minutes, hours or days. For complex larger jobs, we will provide a time scale when discussing the job with you. See our ‘While You Wait’ Service under the heading ‘Production’ for more info.

What does encapsulation do?

The process of encapsulation ‘sandwiches’ printed material between two layers of high-grade polyester film. This provides an impenetrable barrier that protects the print for up to 20 years, even underwater when used in conjunction with synthetic paper.

What's the difference between lamination and encapsulation?

At the most basic level, the key difference between lamination and encapsulation is that lamination uses a thinner film which is applied commonly to one side only. Encapsulation uses a thicker, high-grade film which is applied to both sides of the print, hence the name ‘Encapsulation’. Take a look at our blog post which goes into much more detail. Still not sure? Give us a call and we’ll be happy to go through if you require lamination or encapsulation.

What is the difference between 42, 75, 125 and 250 micron?

Our 42 micron film is called Encap Pro ‘Intensify’. It is our ultra-lightweight film used to protect print that needs to be creased or folded after encapsulation. It’s called ‘Intensify’ because it enhances the vibrancy of print colours while also creating a protective barrier for up to 3 years.

Our 75 micron film is called Encap Pro ‘Protect’ and is reserved for print that requires more substantial protection. This weight increases the rigidity of print and offers a thin barrier that protects print up to 5 years in damp and dirty and busy environments.

Our 125 micron film is called Encap Pro ‘Shield’ and it’s our midweight and most popular polyester encapsulation film that shields print from damage from water and dirt. It’s designed to give a balance between print protection and film thickness and protects heavily-handled print for up to 10 years in wet and busy environments.

Our most robust film is called Encap Pro ‘Fortify’ and it’s 250 micron which is very heavy. This film makes print robust and long lasting in any environment (even underwater*). Encap Pro ‘Fortify’ creates maximum rigidity (similar to a credit card) and is reserved for protecting print up to 20 years in the most demanding of wet, busy and dirty environments. *when used in conjunction with synthetic paper.

Do you have any samples of encapsulation?

Yes, please visit our samples page and we’ll happily send you our sample pack containing all the different weights and finishes.

Can I get a sample of the job I want doing?

Yes, please visit our samples page and we’ll arrange for your print to be encapsulated and finished as per your instructions so that you can easily get sign off. Charges apply.

Can you fold encapsulation?

Yes, our 42 and 75 micron film is designed to protect print that requires creasing or folding. We can achieve a clean fold of your print even after encapsulation using this ultra lightweight film. It is not recommended to fold print that has been encapsulated in heavier weights as the print will have a tendency to ‘spring open’. We recommend you keep your encapsulated print flat and if you need to transport it we recommend you roll your print rather than fold it.

How long does it protect the print for?

It depends on the thickness of encapsulation. We recommend that our 42 micron lasts up to 3 years, 75 micron up to 5 years, 125 micron up 10 years and 250 micron up to 20 years.

What’s the difference between Gloss, Matte and Ultra Matte?

These are the finishes of encapsulation film. Gloss creates a reflective coating that makes colours vibrant and eye-catching. Choose gloss when you want a super-smooth surface to your print. Matte creates a smooth surface free from shine or highlights. Choose matte when you want a light absorbent surface with more understated colours and a soft premium feel. Ultra Matte is the ultimate luxury finish, designed for print that needs to convey a premium message and have the softest texture and appearance. Take a look at our blog post here which breaks down the different types of film.

Do you offer antibacterial/antimicrobial encapsulation?

Currently we only offer an antibacterial film in our laminating film range suitable for litho print. We are currently working hard on bringing an antimicrobial encapsulating film to the UK market.

Can you encapsulate collated books and catalogues?

Yes, it’s what encapsulation is typically used for. Remember the Argos catalogue? That’s an in-store catalogue protected from deterioration by using encapsulation.

Laminating film

What film do you sell?

We sell a range of laminating film suitable for litho and digital print. Our film has been designed specifically for commercial trade printers and high-street print and copy shops. Please take a look at our online shop for our full range.

Is it compatible with my laminating machine?

Yes, our laminating film has been tested for compatibility on all common commercial laminating machines. Our laminating pouches have been tested for compatibility on all common desktop laminating machines.

Do you stock film for digital print?

We do indeed, check them out in our online shop

Do you stock film for litho print?

We do indeed, check them out in our online shop

What roll widths do you stock?

We stock the most common film widths for digital film such as 315mm, 440mm and 445mm. For litho film we offer a range from 315mm to 1010mm. Likewise with our encapsulating film we stock a range from 230mm to 1550mm.

Do you sell film on a 25mm core?

Yes we do. We sell our Digital Pro Max, and all our encapsulating films in 25mm core sizes.

Can you help me set the film up on my machine?

Sorry, this is not a service that we offer.

What if I have problems getting the film to work?

Give us a call and we’ll talk through it with you. We’re confident all our films will work on your machine and more often than not it’s the setup that’s the problem, not the film. If you have any problems please email support@expressencap.co.uk

Do you sell laminating pouches?

Yes, we sell a range of pouches in gloss and matte in a range of weights in our online shop.

How fast is film delivered?

We aim to dispatch all orders within 48 hours if received before 1pm. Where an item is not in stock we will work with our suppliers to deliver your film as soon as possible. For a film held in stock we dispatch it within 24 hours.

Do you buy back unused film?

This is not a service that we offer.


Do you offer a printing service?

Yes we do. See our print services page.

Why should I use your print service?

Because we know it’s compatible with our encapsulation and all printed work is included in our quality checks. We also only use a small portfolio of reputable local printers who we’ve used for years, so we know and trust them to produce great quality print.

How much is the printing service?

Please contact us by completing our print quote form.

How long does the print take?

We usually have your work printed and on its way back to you within 72 hours, although this depends on the number of printed sheets.

Who do you use?

We partner with a small selection of local printers whom we have very strong professional relationships with and have worked with for many, many years.


Do I need clear borders on my encapsulation?

No, that’s a matter of choice. Encapsulation used to have clear borders but modern encapsulation can be cut right up to the print without any clear borders.

Is there an extra cost for any finishing services?

Yes, your job will be priced up at the quotation stage based on your job requirements. See our finishing page for more info on the types of services we offer.

Can I have an extended border?

Yes. We commonly include these on print that needs to be mounted to a frame. The minimum border is 3mm.

What finishing services can you provide?

We can complement your encapsulation with round cornering, drilling, slotting, eyeletting, extended borders, taping, die cutting, collating, cable ties, nickel chains hinged rings or wire binding. See our finishing page for more info on the types of services we offer. Please contact us if what you have in mind isn’t listed here.

Laminating Machines 

What machines do you sell?

We sell a range of home, office and commercial grade laminating and encapsulating machines. Here’s our full range.

Can you recommend a machine?

Yes, please give us a call on 0117 941 0009 and we’ll be happy to help.

Are the machines compatible with your film?

Yes, all our films are tested for compatibility and quality using our machines.

Do you offer technical support?

Yes, absolutely. It’s provided free of charge with every encapsulation or films order.


Do you offer credit accounts?

Yes we do. Please submit our Trade Application form. All applications are screened and reviewed with our financial screening partner, Experian.

Payment Terms

Our standard payment terms are 30 days, End Of Month Invoiced (EOMI).

Do you price match film?

We pride ourselves on the quality and reliability of our film and believe our price is already very competitive. However if you are interested in placing a large order please email sales@expressencap.co.uk and we will review and offer a price match if we can.

Why should I use and trust Express?

We’re a family business, having been in the industry for 30+ years – we’ve seen and done it all! If you need more convincing, please take a look at our about us page. If you still have doubts, please give us a call on 0117 941 4999 and chat through your concerns with us.

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