Express Event Passes

Create beautiful event passes in any size or shape that standout from the crowd. Available in robust and long-lasting encapsulation or recyclable Ironleaf.

How can event passes help my business?

Unlike off-the-shelf passes, Express event passes help you to attract and retain valuable hospitality customers by providing something a little different.

Increase brand recognition

The unique size and shape of Express event passes compared to normal passes allows you to stand out from your competitors and be remembered.

Improve guest experiences

Express event passes allow you to have more than one pass in a set. This gives your customers instant access to more information compared to traditional passes.

Increase brand exposure

Express event passes have high perceived value which means they are kept for longer and not thrown away. This increases their lifetime communication value.

Create additional revenue

Express event passes can also include additional cards that can advertise other services to customers, creating valuable new sales opportunities.

Unique features of our passes

Our passes are unlike ID cards; they can be any size or shape and can be recyclable.


Our event passes can be any size, shape or number and can help you achieve your marketing objectives better than standard cards. 

Eye Catching

Express Event Passes don’t need plastic wallets and come in any size or shape giving you full control over what they look like.


The high quality materials used in the production process mean your print stays looking sharp no matter how many times they are handled.

Low Cost

Our event passes are low cost and price checked against our competitors so you get custom passes for off the shelf prices.

Choose from two different types

We’ve created two different passes depending on your requirement.



Economical event passes from just 33p each suitable for larger events. The super reflective and vibrant passes are available in any size or shape and are similar in weight to a credit card.


Environmentally-friendly event passes from just 88p each that can be any size or shape you want. Suitable for environmentally friendly brands and businesses.

Encapsulated Passes

Low Cost

Express Encap Passes are extremely economical at volumes >1,000 units and cost just 33p each when ordering 1,500 for example – perfect for large events that want knockout passes that don’t cost the earth.


The encapsulation film makes print colours look bright, vibrant and reflective. This creates a high quality and premium-looking pass that will stand out from the crowd.


The pass is coated in a smooth and reflective encapsulation film that makes the pass soft to touch and bright and vibrant. The integrated lanyard slot means no ugly plastic wallets are needed.

Want to know what encapsulation looks and feels like?

Ironleaf Passes


The material is recyclable at specialist facilities like Vanden Recycling and some councils are now offering kerbside recycling for PET waste, such as Kent County Council


Ironleaf is made from the latest synthetic paper technology allowing it to be super-sleek yet strong, meaning it will look good and won’t let you down! 


Even though the material is lightweight, it’s incredible strong – it’s able  to withstand 50kg hung from a single corner! Plus its tearproof and waterproof too. 

Want to know what Ironleaf looks and feels like?

Make your next event standout with our passes.

We’re here to help, if you have a question about our passes or want to discuss your options, we’d love to hear from you.

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