Official event passes 2017

The Brief

Ride London is an international event staged every summer, employing a considerable team of staff who have to be clearly identified for public stewarding roles, privileged access positions as well as hospitality customers. Our job is to make the event passes worn by the team as impactful as possible as well as being able to face the wear and tear of this three day event.

What our clients say

Express always delivers. The care taken and expertise applied by Express to the final stage of production – encapsulation of the passes – was exceptional. Their quality is unsurpassed and It gives the Prudential team recognisable authority and status, while also promoting efficiency, smooth running, which contributes to the stringent health and safety standards set over many years for this high profile event held in Britain’s capital.

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Ride London 2017

See how we used Print Surface Science™ to help the world's largest festival of cycling to run smoothly and raise over £41,000,000 for charity since 2013.

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